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    Commercial Refi – $475,200 – Oceanside

    California Hard Money Direct was contacted by Commercial Refi the owner of a commercial property in Oceanside. He explained to us he had purchased the building for cash about 6 months prior. He paid cash because he was denied a bank loan even with his 780 FICO and great income. He requested we provide him 70% of the appraised value. He was in need of the cash fast so he could take advantage of another real estate purchase.
    We were able to use his bank appraisal because it was only a few months old. The borrower came to us after he had his hard money loan done his fair share of shopping around for the lowest rate. Our rate was the most competitive and he really liked how quickly we responded to all his questions both via phone and email. We closed the loan on time allowing him to take advantage of the purchase he had in Escrow.

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