We Are One Of A Handful Of Lenders Still Offering Owner Occupied Loans

With all the Dodd Frank regulations many lenders have dropped out of the Owner Occupied SFR loan arena.  The good news is, we are still offering Hard Money Loans in California.  Granted, they are not as easy to get as investment property loans. If you meet the following criteria chances are we can help.

1.     LTV cannot go above 65%

2.     You must be able to provide 2 years tax returns

3.     Your debt to income ratios cannot go above 43%

4.     The property cannot be in too rural of an area

If you feel you or a client of yours needs help please call us at 800-571-0887 today.  We can get you pre approved  in less than 48 hours.

We recently funded the following scenario

We received a call from the owner of a luxury condo in San Francisco. She requested $600,000 for a mortgage money in California.



We had the property appraised in a matter of days. The value came in at 2,000,000. We were able to wrap up the entire transaction in about one week.

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