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    About Us

    We are comprised of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals with expertise in every area of private and institutional real estate financing and hard money mortgages in California. Our principals understand and appreciate the profitability and complexities that certain transactions bring with them. Often, these complexities provide a hurdle that conventional hard money lenders may never be able to overcome. Regardless of your relationship with them or profitability of the project reject loans simply because you don’t fit into their box. It is here that we excel.

    We have an abundance of investor capital with the ability to provide hard money and bridge loan financing for transactions up to 20 million without the qualifying factors required by conventional lenders.

    With our speed and efficiency we keep your real estate projects moving forward.  In addition, once you have a loan in process with us you will be able to track the progress 24/7 with our proprietary online “loan tracking system”

    When you have a time sensitive project our unique approach to financing allows speed and flexibility that traditional robotic and inflexible banking environments do not provide.

    We encourage calls from lenders, brokers, realtors, accountants, attorneys, builders,real estate investors and other consultants seeking financing for their clients.

    For those looking for a diversified portfollio Trust Deed investing can be a great option. Our Trust deed investors enjoy 9%-12% returns.

    Broker License ID: 01384244
    NMLS #348736

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