Are you finally sick of settling for under 1% return with your CD’s? Are you tired of playing the volatility game with your stock portfolio? If you answered yes to one or both of the previous questions Trust Deed investing may be right for you. They offer high returns with passive involvement. Our clients are earning from 8% – 11% interest paid monthly. From day one our clients step into their Trust Deed investment with a minimum of 30% protective equity. 

An opportune time to take advantage of Trust Deed Investing

Many industry experts and real estate investors are in agreement that Trust Deed investing is a great way to passively take advantage of the Real Estate market. Find out how we can generate high returns and monthly cash flow while protecting your principal with ultra-low loan to value California Trust Deeds investments.

Safe, Reliable And Yielding 8% - 12% Returns

First Deed of Trust private mortgage notes are one of the best kept secrets in the investment market today and offer high yields with safety and security. We will assist with all aspects of trust deed investing which are needed to essentially take on the role of becoming the bank, fronting capital and creating a steady stream of high rate returns and monthly income.

We Only Lend On Properties With Substantial Equity

In every case, when we present a loan opportunity to you there will always be a minimum of 30% equity in the property. Starting our investors out with 30% makes our approach to trust deed investing very conservative and exceptionally appealing to even the most cautious clients.

Advantages Of Investing With California Hard Money Direct

  • We lend exclusively in California 
  • You can use your IRA’s, Trusts, Pension Plans, Partnerships or Corporations 
  • All Trust Deeds come with an A.L.T.A Title insurance policy 
  • Our interest rates are currently paying up to five times higher than bank rates 
  • Notes are semi-liquid and can be sold or traded 
  • You can select short or long term notes Interest is paid monthly
Through careful financial management and prudent business practices, we are able to earn our investors outstanding returns on their investments consistently. Please call (800) 571-0887 ext 2 today for more information on California trust deeds and a complimentary consultation.

How does the process for California deeds work?

When you contact us, a deed of trust California investment advisor, will begin working with you directly. Our company philosophy and approach to deed of trust California investing will be fully explained at that time. Your advisor will answer any and all additional questions you may have about the process. At that time you can also let us know approximately the dollar amount you are initially interested in investing and which property types you are looking to place them in. You may also diversify the type of account you use. Accounts such as personal, self-directed IRA’s, pension or profit sharing plan funds. When we have a loan that meets your investment criteria, we will contact you immediately. After discussing the key details of the California deed of trust offering such as property location and type, loan amount, equity position (loan to value) or down payment, loan purpose, note rate & terms we will send you out the following:

  • Investment Analysis Summary 
  • Loan Application 
  • Credit Report 
  • Appraisal of the Property 
  • Any other relevant or requested document
Once you say yes to the offering, we will hold the loan for you, not offering it to any other California deeds investor. It will remain on hold while we continue to finish the processing of the file. It is important that you commit your funds and do not place them elsewhere. The borrower will have been made aware we’ve located an investor. As such they are relying on your funds for important commitments they might have already made for the proceeds. Should there be a fall out or cancellation for any reason by the borrower, we will notify you right away. We will do our best to find another suitable investment for your approval. Once the borrower has signed loan documents you will receive the following:
  • Preliminary title report 
  • Purchaser/Lender Disclosure Form 
  • Servicing Agreement, if applicable 
  • Copy of escrow instructions
Once we are ready for funding, we will request you wire your funds directly to the Title Company. The loan will typically record the following day. On purchases, your funds are not requested until the borrower has brought their down payment into the escrow office. Once closed, your loan will be assigned to a 3rd party servicing company of your choice. You may also choose to service the loan yourself. Each month after the servicing company allows enough time to clear the borrowers check, you will receive your monthly direct deposit. For retirement accounts (self-directed), the checks are sent to the retirement account custodian to remain tax deferred. You will also receive year-end tax statements from them for your CPA. Should a borrower ever fail to pay, all collection processes are also handled by the service company and their affiliates. After the close of escrow you will receive, for your records, the final title policy as your security showing the lien recorded in 1st position with no other encumbrances and all property taxes are paid. Additionally, you will receive the certified copy of the promissory note and the certified copy of the first trust deed. After the close of escrow you will receive the following:
  • The final title policy showing the lien recorded in 1st position with no other encumbrances 
  • Certified copy of the Deed of Trust 
  • Certified copy of the Promissory Note 
  • Loss Payee Insurance Endorsement

If you would like to be notified when new Trust Deeds become available, please take a moment to tell us more about the type of Trust Deeds you would be interested in. Once you provide us with your criteria we will contact you when we have a Trust Deed matching your specific parameters. Our investors names are never sold or traded. Never.


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