Refinance Hard Money Loans in California

Refinance hard money loans with California Hard Money Direct provide fast funding to real estate investors and property owners in California. With a proven track record and years of experience, we have become the go-to lender for brokers, realtors, and borrowers seeking hard money cash-out refinance loans in California.

California Hard Money Direct finances private money cash-out refinance loans exclusively in California.

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What is a Hard Money Refinance?

Hard money refinance loans are a common strategy used to pull equity from an existing property.

Common Refinance Loan Scenarios

    Scenarios for cash-out refinance loans include, but are not limited to:

  • Using the cash to purchase another property
  • Paying for tenant Improvements on the subject property
  • Upgrading of the borrower’s other rental properties
  • Using for the borrower’s business 
  • Paying for equipment, inventory, or other business or capital expenses
  • Investing in a new business opportunity 
  • Paying off a balloon payment on a different property 

Our cash-out refinance loans are designed to get you the money needed for your business purpose goals. Our rates for cash-out refinance loans are significantly lower than the average interest on credit cards. As such, a cash-out refinance is a far better option for your business.
At California Hard Money Direct, we also offer private money cash-out refinance loans that are available to real estate investors for multiple types of investment properties, including residential rental properties, multi-family, and commercial properties.

Regardless of the reason, California Hard Money Direct can provide a borrower with a cash-out refinance on their investment property quickly through our easy loan submittal process.

Our cash-out refinance loans for real estate investors on a rental property or other investment property are typically funded within 7-9 days.

Hard Money Cash-Out Refinance for Investment Property & Rental Property

Hard money cash out refinance loans are the fastest and easiest option for creating liquidity. Real estate investors can pull equity from any of their existing investment properties for reinvestment in other opportunities. Private lender cash out refinance loans on investment property can be completed in a matter of days. The cash be used to close on other real estate or any number or business opportunities.


California Hard Money Direct provides hard money refinance loans on investment properties and hard money refinance for an owner-occupied primary residence. Loan approvals and funding on non-owner-occupied properties take around 7-9 days. Closing times take a little longer on owner occupied properties.


Private Lender Cash-Out Refinance Loans on Investment Property & Rental Property

Real estate investors in general have different opinions on what they want to do with existing equity. Some will sit on equity until such time as they sell the property. Others are more interested in utilizing existing equity to take advantage of other things. These are the investors we help on an ongoing basis. Some of the most common would be:


  • Purchasing additional real estate
  • Utilizing equity to invest in a new business opportunity
  • Refinancing to a lower interest
  • Expanding a business
  • Remodeling other properties
  • Paying off an existing loan with a balloon coming due

California Hard Money Direct can assist you with Hard money refinance loans for investment property types as well as owner-occupied properties. They can be residential, mixed-use, vacation rental properties, commercial properties, and more.

The main criteria is that there is enough equity available to get enough cash out to accomplish whatever goal the investor may have in mind. We also have a lot of investors coming to us with free and clear properties. Borrowers can take cash out up to 65% of the appraised value. We can easily assist the borrower with a cash-out refinance on their investment property.

The speed and ease of the hard money loan transaction is what brings borrowers back to us repeatedly. There is no need to jump through hoops. We don’t need to tax returns or proof of income. The borrower’s credit score may be low. As long as there is enough equity in the property hard money loans are easy to get in around 7-9 days. If it is owner-occupied, they take a little bit longer just because of all the mandatory guidelines hard money lenders must follow.


Refinance Hard Money Loans Are Typically Short-Term Loans

Investors do not take out hard money loans with the intention of keeping them for extended periods of time. When a hard money loan is granted the investor typically has an exit strategy in mind. It might very well be the investor for whatever reason has a FICO score in a lower range than a bank would find acceptable. Or perhaps they are buying a property to fix and flip at which time they will pay back the hard money lender. There are so many scenarios we could not even begin to list them.

Bottom line, hard money loans are typically granted for a term of one year going up to a maximum of four years. Some exceptions allow them up to five years. It is a different situation when it comes to owner-occupied refinance loans. On owner-occupied loans, we can offer loan terms for 30 years. When non-owner-occupied loans come due there is always a possibility the existing lender extending the term. The possibility of extending is not a guaranteed situation even if the borrower has been paying on time. As such, it is best to have a sound exit strategy in place.



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Using Hard Money Refinance Loans to Purchase Real Estate

California Hard Money Direct facilitates refinance loans on properties that are free and clear or have a lot of equity. Savvy investors take money from one property in order to capitalize on other real estate opportunities. They may already have a portion of the purchase price but they want to be in a position to pay cash for the new property. As such, they will pull money from a low loan to value property utilizing a hard money cash out refinance loan. In other instances, the borrower will take money out of a low loan to value property or a fully paid off property. They will utilize the money for the down payment and then they will finance the rest using California Hard Money Direct to complete their hard money purchase loan. We do not have limits on how many properties our borrowers can purchase or refinance. Whether it is a refinance or purchase we can typically close the entire transaction within 7-9 days.

A hard money refinance on investment property is a straightforward process that requires a simple application for initial approval.

Fast Turnaround Times For Hard Money Cash-Out Refis

California Hard Money Direct can fully complete a cash-out refinance on a non-owner-occupied property in about 7-9 days. Owner-occupied refinance loans take a bit longer because of the mandatory guidelines all private lenders must follow. Our company is one of the few remaining hard money lenders still offering owner occupied hard money loans.

Hard Money Cash-Out Refinance Interest Rates

Hard money refinance interest rates range depending on several factors. We will list a few examples below and you can see why one size does not fit all.

  1. Free and clear single-family rental in Newport Beach California worth $1 million. Borrower requesting $200,000. The loan-to-value in this scenario is only 20%. In addition, Newport Beach would be considered a premier California location.
  2. Single-family home in Fresno California worth $350,000. Borrower currently owes $100,000. Borrower seeking $100,000 as a cash out refinance. The loan-to-value in this scenario is 57%. Fresno and the surrounding cities were impacted significantly harder during the past real estate downturns.

If you were the lender which one would you perceive as a riskier transaction? Obviously, number 2 would be the riskier of the two examples. Now you can see why it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all interest rate. We must evaluate the entire scenario before we can quote an exact rate. Interest rates range from 7.5% to 11% depending on many factors.

Whether you are purchasing a property or refinancing of property rates typically stay about the same. But they will always be higher than traditional lenders because they are riskier. They are easy and quick and therefore are desirable for borrowers looking for fast money with minimal paperwork.

California Hard Money Direct is a direct lender. Working with a direct lender benefits you because you cut out the middle person. Our rates are considered by many to be amongst the lowest in the industry.

California Hard Money Direct is One of The Few Companies Offering Cash-Out Refinance Loans on Residential Owner-Occupied Property

If the property is owner-occupied, it does become more complicated but still doable if all the criteria is met. To be clear, the criteria set forth by federal guidelines. All hard money lenders must follow the same stringent rules and regulations when it comes to hard money owner-occupied loans. The first step would be for the borrower to provide proof of income. Once the income data has been gathered along with a list of current financial obligations, the lender will calculate the borrower’s debt to income ratio. If it is in the range of 43% or sometimes up to 50% chances are the loan will be granted.

Refinance loans are offered in both 1st and 2nd positions. If the borrower is requesting a 2nd the total combined loan-to-value will be evaluated carefully. In addition, the size of the existing 1st mortgage becomes very important.

  1. Borrower owns a property worth $1 million. They have a 1st mortgage of $500,000. They are seeking a 2nd mortgage of $150,000.
  2. Borrower owns a property worth $1 million and they have a 1st mortgage of $150,000. They are seeking a 2nd mortgage of $500,000.

Both scenarios above have a combined total loan-to-value of 65%. Scenario number two is significantly more attractive simply because of the size of the first mortgage. It is less risky for the investor. California Hard Money Direct does offer 2nd mortgages on both investment property and owner-occupied properties. Every scenario is analyzed based on several factors. The determination to lend can be made during a phone consultation. Once we gather some facts, we can offer pre-approvals immediately. 2nds range from $100,000 up to $1 million.

Hard Money Refinance Loans From California Hard Money Direct

California Hard Money Direct will assist you with hard money refinance and cash-out refinance loans virtually anywhere in California. Contact California Hard Money Direct today and have your hard money cash-out refinance loan funded ASAP.

Refinance Hard Money Loans in California

Looking to pull equity from an existing property? Consider a refinance hard money loan

At California Hard Money Direct, we can help you invest in additional investment properties and rental properties almost anywhere in California.

Heirs Needing Fast Money To Get Out of Reverse Mortgages

The need to refinance reverse mortgage loans for heirs is a request we get on a very frequent basis. California Hard Money Direct can quickly provide funding to refinance reverse mortgages for heirs. When family members inherit a property with a reverse mortgage the first decision they need to make is whether they want to keep the property or sell the property. If heirs decide to pay off the reverse mortgage, they have six months to sell the property or pay off the reverse mortgage. If they decide to keep the property and they do not have available capital to pay off the loan they will need to get a new mortgage.

At this point, the heirs are on a strict timeline and no time for mistakes or long delays dealing with traditional lenders. Rather than running the risk of losing the property, the borrower will seek financing from an experienced hard money lender. Once the loan has been completed the pressure is off. The property will be in the borrower’s name at which time they can seek out a conventional lender in order to reduce the interest rate down to a more affordable range.

Once a loan scenario is submitted it will be underwritten quickly. We are direct lenders. As such, all underwriting is done in-house. Our loan approvals and funding is completed quickly.

Cash-Out Refinance Loans for Business Purposes is The #1 Requested Loan Scenario

When borrowers are looking for a quick easy solution, they turn to hard money lenders. Traditional lenders are limited by strict loan guidelines with virtually no flexibility. California Hard Money Direct has built a strong reputation as one of the premier hard money lenders in California. Our main goal has and always will be focusing on equity rather than a borrower’s financials. Our underwriting guidelines for cash-out refinance loans focus on equity rather than a borrower FICO score. Regardless of whether you have a low credit score, prior bankruptcies, short sales, and foreclosures, we can help you with a cash-out refinance loan.

There is no limit on the number of properties you can buy or refinance through California Hard Money Direct. We never set limits on the number of properties. As such, you can leverage one property or your entire real estate portfolio. We have multiple refinance programs. We will listen to your scenario very carefully and let you know which one we feel will best suit your business goals.

Refinance Hard Money Loan Program
7-9 days on average
$50,000 - $20 million
12-48 months with longer terms available
1sts & 2nds
1st Mortgages: Up to 65% of current value - 2nds: Up to 65% CLTV
Pre-approval in hours
Single family, multi-family, commercial and mixed-use
Please contact us for current rates and points

Why More Borrowers Choose California Hard Money Direct for Refinance Hard Money Loans?

Very satisfied borrowers, brokers, and realtors. More 5-star reviews than virtually every other hard money refinance lender in California.

There’s a reason why we’re a top hard money refinance lender in California and numerous clients repeatedly turn to us for their hard money needs. Our Google reviews speak for themselves.

Many years of experience in lending. A proven track record of delivering results. A long history of keeping promises and funding on time.

Work with a hard money lender that has the knowledge, resources, and experience to get your deals closed quickly. Cut out the middleman and partner with a direct hard money lender.

Fast pre-approvals and funding & very low rates and loan fees.

Same day pre-approvals. Most cash-out refinance loans can be funded in approximately 7-9 days.

Our interest rates and fees for hard money loans are among the lowest in the industry. Call now and compare for yourself.

Recently Funded Refinance Hard Money Loans in California

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Lending throughout California, a reliable refinance hard money lender

Vladimir Brodskiy

I have just closed 4th loan with Judy. She was able to arrange this one with the money that came from the same investor who did my 3rd loan. I refinanced my previous purchase and money was wired to the investor’s bank account. It stayed on her account for a couple days and was wired to the new escrow to fund my new purchase. Wow, Judy is so efficient! Because of her outstanding professionalism people like me can win bidding wars in very competitive markets like San Francisco and at the same time the investors’ money is working non-stop earning very good return. It is a win-win situation. Thank you, Judy for making this process so smooth. Can’t wait to do my next loan.

Gilbert Richards

I have been doing hard money since I was licensed in 1997. And in the past few years I have dealt with several hard money groups who did not meet the expectations they created. California Hard Money Direct was an outstanding team. That was not only fast but upfront. I shopped my client with three other investors over two months. This group was able to come through quickly. If you are looking for hard money in California call Judy and her team first, you will not be disappointed.

Wendy O.

I am an investor. I’ve been working with Judy for years. I’ve probably funded about 20 loans with her. I can count on her to be professional, honest, smart and efficient. It is a pleasure to work with her.

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