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    • Joe Delmendo

      This should have been posted a month ago. i would like to take a moment to share my experience with Judy Rae on our recently closed transaction. Without reservation Judy is the finest loan

      Judy was great work with. I have used few other sources for hard money, but Judy made it much more simple and user friendly to work with in assuming this type of product. I look forward in having Judy and California Hard Money as part of my investing tool belt, cheers:)

    • Harold Grigsby

      This should have been posted a month ago. i would like to take a moment to share my experience with Judy Rae on our recently closed transaction. Without reservation Judy is the finest loan officer i have ever met. and this is coming from a guy who has worked for and owned mortgage companies and been in some form or fashion associated with the hard money world for the past 30 years. Her attention to detail and even the simple task of answering her phone every single time i called was a breath of fresh air when in todays world you can never talk to anyone . Cal hard money direct is lucky to have her. harold g.

    • Elizabeth Macias

      We received a loan approval from a traditional lender and 2 weeks into escrow the lender said that they couldn’t do the loan. We called Judy from Hard Money Loans and they were able to close escrow in 2 weeks! We couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Thank you so much!

    • Joel Arnold

      I was purchasing a condominium and in the middle of the process, the lender that had previously approved the loan backed out. Judy Rae of California Hard Money Direct was able to approve my loan in 1 week and I was able to purchase my condominium. Thank you Judy Rae, Joel Arnold Long Beach CA

    • Rebecca Sekulich

      I am an experienced Real Estate Consultant and have worked with many, many lenders throughout my career, and great lenders are few and far between. My business partner and I had an unbelievable opportunity to purchase a home to lovingly restore and resell. We came to Judy Rae upon several recommendations from long time mutual friends. Judy was amazing throughout the entire process. I felt as though we did not need to lift a finger, so that we could concentrate on our jobs of being stellar real estate professionals. Judy handled the transaction with ease and grace and I was completely satisfied. CHMD had competitive rates and all around treated us fairly. We had such a great experience with Judy Rae, that we have used her since and we could not be happier. It’s really nice to know that you have someone championing for you on the not so easy, and very tricky side of lending money when absolutely needed. I would highly recommend Judy and California Hard Money Direct to my family, friends and most of all my trusted clients. Thank you!

    • Lisa Walford

      I have been working with Hard Money Direct and Judy Rae for four years. I now trust that any questions I have will be promptly answered and conscientiously addressed. This applies to the review process for a new loan as well as any issues that might arise with existing loans. While I might have hesitated to invest in what some consider high risk investments, every transaction has been beneficial. At this point, when a borrower pays off the loan, I reinvest it with CHMD. I highly recommend Judy and her team.

    • Nancy Rowe

      In this day and age of ridiculous hoop jumping with banks just to get a real estate loan I can’t believe how fast, easy, efficient this company was. I have a mid 700 credit score and assets and still couldn’t get a conventional loan because I am self-employed. CHMD had me funded in less than two weeks. My mortgage broker was Judy and she was direct, forthright and incredibly responsive. I recommend this company to anyone who needs help getting a loan. You will pay a higher interest rate than a bank but you will get your loan quickly.

    • Debra Elton

      I am a small investor for this company and love the service and one-on-one personal touch from everyone involved from start to finish. I would highly recommend!


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