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At California Hard Money Direct, we specialize in Non-QM loans, empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals without the constraints of traditional lending requirements. Non QM loans, also known as non-qualified mortgages, offer flexible options for borrowers who may not meet the strict criteria of conventional loans. With our Non QM loan service in California, you can access tailored solutions, simplified approval processes, and the opportunity to secure financing based on your unique circumstances. 

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What is a Non-QM Loan?

A Non-QM loan stands for a non-qualified mortgage.  isn’t simply one thing. The portfolio of Non-QM  loans are composed predominantly of Stated Income Loans, DSCR Loans & Bank Statement Loans.


They are called by many names such as nonconforming loans, jumbo loans and private mortgage loans. In reality they are all under the umbrella of Non-QM. They allow borrowers to qualify utilizing much more lenient underwriting guidelines than required via traditional/conventional institutions.Non-QM is considerably more simplified.  With DSCR loans and Bank Statement loans verification of income and debt to income ratios required by traditional lenders are NOT required. Some Non-QM are almost as easy as our hard money loans but have lower interest rates. Non-QM loan products are designed to help people when conventional loans might turn their back on you. 


The reality is, not every borrower will fit into the box of rules outlined by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and all of the standards set forth by the federal government. Self employed people have the potential to earn very good income but get penalized because they can’t prove income via traditional channels. Another example of people that fall through the cracks are foreign nationals. Many of the Non-QM products can assist foreigners as well, and of course there are those borrowers with known stellar credit, previous foreclosures, and recent bankruptcies. They are cast aside by conventional lenders and in many cases accepted by Non-QM lenders.


Benefits of Non-QM Mortgage

There are several benefits to a Non-QM loan. Just to name a few:


  • In some cases no debt to income ratio is required
  • Borrowers can use assets as income
  • Some Non-QM loans are qualified based on rental income
  • You can choose to use your bank statements rather than tax returns
  • A lower credit score is acceptable
  • A shorter length of employment needed and in some cases no employment is needed
  • Previous bankruptcies, short sales and foreclosures won’t count against you

Who Should Apply?

Great candidates for Non-QM products are a vast array including but not limited to:


  • Self-employed indivduals
  • People with low credit scores
  • Foreign nationals
  • People with recently dismissed or discharged bankruptcies
  • People with previous short sales
  • Recent short sales on a borrower’s record
  • Zero ability to prove income
  • Unemployed individuals

Non-QM Loans vs. QM Loans

One of the major differences is the method in which you financially qualify. You may use bank statements rather than W-2 or tax returns. You can be accepted even if you had a recent job change. Some of our specialty programs allow borrowers with no employment and no income verification as long as they have reserves, DSCR Loans qualify based on rental potential rather than the borrower’s income.


Types of Non-QM Products

Non-QM  loans fall into several types including but not limited to:


  • Stated Income Loans
  • DSCR Loans
  • Asset based loans
  • Foreign national loans
  • Commercial rental property loans
  • Interest only home loans
  • No income loans
  • Bank statement loans
  • Low credit score loans

Non-QM Loan Requirements

There are so many Non-QM products, it is likely one of them will fit. Because Non-QM loans are standardized, guidelines differ widely from product to product. They can also vary from lender to lender. It is always best to shop around and compare.

Non-QM Mortgage Rates

Rates over the past year have been all over the board. They were at 4.25% one year ago. They went as high as 9% several months ago. Today they are sitting around 7.75% and changing according to changes in the prime rate.

The Best Non-QM Lenders

California Hard Money Direct offers some of the most lenient underwriting guidelines in the lending business. In addition, are one of a handful of lenders offering no income no employment true stated loan product. We have built an impeccable reputation for delivering results as promised. We are one of the very few companies with over 100 reviews online, contact our trusted team now!



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