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California Hard Money Direct is a fast, reliable hard money lender in California. We provide California hard money loans with very competitive pricing and years of trusted service.


As a direct hard money lender, you may receive a pre-approval from us in minutes, not days. California Hard Money Direct has earned a strong representation for efficiency and closing affordable hard money loans in California as quickly as 5-10 days.

Fast California Hard Money Available to Borrowers

At California Hard Money Direct, our California hard money lenders specialize in hard money and only offer real estate financing for California investment properties and owner-occupied business purpose loans. Our knowledge of the California market is an asset to those seeking expertise in making stronger investment decisions. Fast approval on asset-based transactions are our specialty.  We secure a wide-array of hard money loans across California. 



Popular loans include:  bridge loans, mixed use, fix and flips/rehab loans, land loans, construction loans, multi-family loansresidential owner occupied loans, business purposed 2nd mortgagesdistressed property loansretail purchase loansreverse mortgagesestate loans to buyout siblings, 1031 exchange loans, and commercial refinance loans. Secure funding fast and start by getting pre-approved. 


Don’t see your loan type? Please contact us at 800-571-0887 and we will confirm if we provide the loan you are looking for.


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Commercial & Non-Owner Occupied Loans Offered

California Hard Money Loan FAQs

How Do I Qualify for a Hard Money Loan?

Qualifying for a hard money loan is going to be based on having a 30% down payment if you are purchasing a home. It will be based on not going over 65% loan to value if you are refinancing a home. You will need very little in the way of paperwork. No income verification is needed and your FICO score won’t matter

It really all boils down to equity. If you’re putting up 30%, hard money lenders feel that you have enough skin in the game to take the loan seriously. By the same token, 65% loan to value on a refinance allows the hard money lender to stay within their lending comfort zone. Lenders also typically like to know what your exit strategy is. In other words, how do you plan on paying back the lender at the end of your loan term. Most typically the answer is refinancing, selling or paying back the loan from income generated through work or other investments.

Can I Refinance a Hard Money Loan?

Yes. Just like any other loan you can refinance a hard money loan as long as you have enough equity. Since hard money loans are equity based, it is critical the property is worth significantly more than what you are looking to borrow. We have multiple mortgage financing hard money options. Some will take the loan to value up higher than others. It is always best to speak with one of our consultants In order to decide what is best for you.

How Do Hard Money Loans Work?

Hard money loans are actually quite simple. If you’re buying a property, you will need 30% down payment and the hard money lender will provide you the other 70%. It won’t matter if your credit score is low, if you had a bankruptcy in the recent past, had a short sale or any other negative factors. The negative factors would stop a conventional lender but would not stop a hard money lender from assisting. 

An appraisal is required in order to make sure you are not overpaying on the property. We gather a few internal documents and can typically close the loan within 7 to 10 days. There is flexibility in terms of length of loan. You can opt for a one year up to a 4 year loan. They are interest-only. Hard money mortgage loans are geared towards non-owner occupied investment properties. 

If you need a hard money loan for a refinance, we need to determine the value of the property versus what you owe as the first step. You can borrow up to 65% of whatever the property appraises for. The property must be located in California. We require very little paperwork and a low credit score will not prohibit you from getting you hard money financing.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Hard Money Lender?

The true benefits come from working with a hard money direct lender. Oftentimes borrowers don’t realize they are speaking with brokers and not actually getting direct to the source. Always ask if you are speaking with a direct lender as that will keep your costs lower. An experienced hard money lender will let you know after a brief consultation whether or not your scenario will result in the funds you’re seeking. Hard money loans in general are significantly easier to get than conventional loans. If you are borrowing money for a non-owner occupied property, there will be no need to prove income and just about any credit score will be acceptable. The loans are completed typically within 5 to 7 days.

Are Hard Money Loans Interest Only?

Yes they are interest only. Hard money financing is very simple. You are paying an investor interest every month for as long as you use their money. When you no longer need the money, simply pay back what you borrowed and the transaction is over. If you request a loan for $200,000 the entire $200,000 amount will be deposited in your bank account. If you are doing a construction project, you may not need the entire $200,000 at the moment but there is no such thing as a hard money line of credit. Therefore all of the money must be taken at the time the loan close

If Your Loan Makes Sense. We Will Lend you the Money.

Give us a call today to discuss any of the following commercial or residential requests. In some instances we can also offer land and construction hard money loans in non rural areas of California as well:

  • Residential owner occupied business purposed 2nd
  • Residential non owner occupied purchase or refi 1st or 2nd
  • Commercial, mixed use or retail purchase or refi

If you need assistance with a hard money loan in California, contact us for same day pre-approval.

Contact California Hard Money Direct

Call 800-571-0887 or fill out our web form for a call back. If you prefer, you can visit our Hard Money Loan office for an in person meeting today.

What Our Borrowers Say About
California Hard Money Direct Lenders

Laurence Stewart

There are times when a “hard money loan” makes sense. When it does, the last thing you want to do is chase your tail with an unscrupulous vendor that will charge too much and may not be able to close the loan. I needed to pull equity out of a condo for a couple of rehab projects I have going and I’m very happy with my results from California Hard Money Direct. I would absolutely use them again.

Thomas Zacharia

Thank you Judy for acquiring funding for our Purchase of a luxury condo. Judy was able to get me a $1.785 million loan, 65% LTV, with very little docs as it was an SFR investment property. This was a celebrity client with many demands. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone needing a loan fast and with the utmost professionalism.

Robert Rustigian

I found Judy to be a pleasure to work with and a professional. Judy is accessible and she promptly returned my calls, texts, and email. She understands this niche business of hard money lending. I closed a loan with her at competitive terms and fees. I would do business with her again and recommend Judy to my friends. Thank you Judy.

Direct California Hard Money Lenders

As a direct hard money lender in California, you may receive a pre-approval in as fast as minutes, not days, for real estate financing up to $20 million. California Hard Money Direct has earned a strong representation for efficiency and provides private hard money loans and bridge loan financing in days and without qualifying factors typically required by more conventional lenders. Benefits of receiving a direct hard money loan in California include:

  1. Affordable Refinance Hard Money Loans – We start by calculating Loan to Value from Real Estate. Instead of a credit score and traditional debt-to-income evaluation, our private money lenders will approve your loan using asset-based lending criteria. Asset-based lending evaluates your real estate property value and uses that as collateral in the agreement. 
  2. Great Approval Odds for Purchase Hard Money Loans – As long as you have adequate down payment, your likelihood of being approved is very high.  When there’s a competitive bidding on the same property, fast closing times will win you the right to purchase the property over other buyers. 
  3. Faster Approval / Closing Times – More flexible funding options and factors allow us to remove the middlemen and evaluate and close your loan faster.

Hard Money Lenders for California Investments and Properties

California Hard Money Direct helps investors and owners secure private hard money loans throughout California

A partial list of California counties we often serve include Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Diego. Select California Hard Money Direct, the most experienced California hard money lender for your next loan as we are the best hard money loan provider in the state.

California Hard Money Lender

California's Fast Hard Money

California Hard Money Direct is a direct hard money lender serving California investors and property owners. We pride ourselves on being available to answer your questions and gladly provide CA hard money loans fast.

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