Types of Investment Properties

If you’re considering making a sizable investment, real estate is often a great way to go. The type of investment property you choose often dictates success rate, and there’s many to choose from, though all feature their own set of pros and cons. Before rushing into an investment, take the time to do the proper research and ensure what you want is exactly what you get.

The best hard money lenders in California will happily help you decide on an investment, and offer the following information on options available:


Residential real estate investments such as houses, townhouses, vacation properties, and apartment complexes are arguably some of the most popular investment properties. Research your option’s neighborhood, job market, schools, parks, and other amenities before making a decision.


Commercial real estate investments generally fall under the ‘office’ category. Leasing individual offices within a large building to various companies is a way to enjoy passive income, especially if the building is located in a bustling metropolis.


Retail real estate investments include strip malls, shopping malls, and any other retail store. If possible, research receiving a percentage of the store’s sales in addition to rent. This is a fantastic way to ensure the property will be kept in optimal condition.


Industrial real estate investment examples include storage units, car washes, laundromats, etc. Return on investment regarding such properties is often significant due to additional revenue streams, such as the money from a coin-operated laundromat.

Mixed Use

Mixed use real estate investments combine any of the above options, such as a commercial building consisting of storefronts and offices. Before you invest in any type of property, be sure you have enough money. If not you can always borrow money for a hard money lender or a bank.

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