California Hard Money Direct: Their Broker & Borrower Guidelines

Are you a broker interested in working with the hard money loan experts at California Hard Money Direct? Are you a borrower who would like assistance from the best hard money lenders in the Golden State? If so, check out the following guidelines to get you started:

Broker Guidelines

The California hard money experts welcome all brokers, and go to extra lengths to protect their needs and interests. If you wish to work with the hard money direct lenders as a broker, know they work with residential and commercial properties, and offer loans ranging from $50,000 to $20,000,000. Loan terms range from three months to 30 years, and interest rate varies based on factors such as property and LTV. However, rates start at 7.99%.

As a broker, your clients may utilize multiple properties to obtain more cash, however they must own such properties. Additionally, if you must close a loan at an extremely fast rate, all you have to do is let the hard money loan experts know. They’ll expedite approval quickly.

Borrower Guidelines

The same loan range applies to you if you’re a borrower interested in working with the hard money direct lenders, as does the loan terms and rates. Again, if interested in using more than one property you own to secure a loan, you may do so. You may also obtain your loan as quickly as possible simply by alerting the California hard money lenders.

Get the loan you need today, or work with the company who will help your career as a broker! For more on hard money loans in California, please contact California Hard Money Direct today.

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