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California Hard Money Direct is a hard money lender with a team of specialists whose expertise lies in real estate financing in Orange County, California and its surrounding areas. Our team understands the challenges that certain transactions may present in an effort to produce a profitable outcome. These challenges may be outside of the parameters of approval by a traditional lender.

California Hard Money Direct has a tremendous amount of hard money loan options available. Hard money purchase loans, refinance hard money loans and bridge loans – all without the qualifying factors that conventional lenders follow. If you are ever in a situation that requires the need for specialized financing along with this speed to get to get the deal done, the traditional lender is not the recommended choice; but California Hard Money Direct serving Orange County is with its strong reputation of quick financing.

Hard Money Loans

California Hard Money Direct is devoted to establishing a long-term partnership with our clientele. Our goal is to make certain your loan needs are met quickly and swiftly. In Orange County, banks have a tendency to tighten their approval criteria based on the sentiment of the market. 


With California Hard Money Direct, hard money purchase loans in Orange County are based on the likely profitability of the deal along with LTV. Borrowers with less than perfect credit deserve legitimate financing options. Hard money loans are an effective tool for those who have run out of options but need quick and professional assistance.

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What Our Borrowers Say

Paul Moresi

Judy is the type of person who follows through and moves FAST. She was also very sweet and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend California Hard Money Direct for anyone in need of a quick loan to finish a project. They were a great resource for me.

Dario F.

Judy was a pleasure to work with from the first phone call. She is honest and tells you exactly how the loan process works and fees involved. I also liked the fact that I never felt pressured in any way and she offered me the best interest rate. From the first call to closing took about 3 weeks because of Christmas and New Years holidays. I definitely recommend using her if you’re looking for a hard money loan. Thumbs up! Celebrity client with many demands. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone needing a loan fast and with the utmost professionalism.

Merritt Banks

We were looking for a way to pull out some money from the house to do some improvements before it went on the market. Judy was ALWAYS available and made the process go smoothly. I would definitely recommend the team at CA Hard Money. If you’re self employed and having trouble getting a conventional loan, Judy can help you out! Thanks

Hard Money for Residential & Commercial

Unfortunately, not all hard money lenders in Orange County are in a position to quickly meet either the qualifications for residential funding or commercial funding that is needed for a quick closing. This is why it’s important to not only find the right funding source, but ensure that it can close a transaction quickly. Traditional banks hesitate when it comes to approving loans for those with less than perfect credit. On the contrary, securing an Orange County hard money loan from California Hard Money Direct will be made quick and simple.

What Types of Properties Can Orange County Hard Money Lenders Can Help You Finance?

Hard money loans in Orange County, CA can be used to finance many different types of properties. Both private and commercial properties are financed by a member of the team. California Hard Money Direct allows the financing of a diverse group of real estate properties. This allows investors to uncover profitable properties that were once hidden. We can help with funding of single-family homesmulti-family properties, land or larger properties.

What Types of Residential Hard Money Loans are Available?

California Hard Money Direct offers loans on a range of property types in Orange County. A short list includes residential owner-occupied business purposed 2nd, and residential non-owner occupied purchase or refi 1st or 2nd mortgage. Some of the property types our loans can help fund include:

Hard Money Loan Terms for Residential Properties

If you are currently looking to invest in any of the mentioned properties, we can work with you. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.5% APR dependent on terms and conditions. We can help you obtain an Orange County residential hard money loan for up to $10,000,00, and for some loans with no prepayment penalty. 

How to Get Approved for Commercial Hard Money Loans in Orange County

Looking to invest in any of the properties we’ve mentioned? We can help. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.50% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Acquire an Orange County commercial hard money loan for up to $20,000,00, and for qualified hard money borrowers even with no prepayment penalty.

For commercial hard money loan options in Orange County, California Hard Money Direct offers commercial, mixed-use or retail purchase or refinance hard money loansCommercial property types our loans can help fund include:

What's Needed for Approval for Hard Money Loans?

Our team of hard money experts are dedicated to working fast so you can quickly acquire the funds you need to close your deal. If you are in need of an Orange County hard money loan, there are two main types offered by California private money lenders that you should become familiar with: the purchase loan and the refinance loan.


Hard Money Purchase Loan Approval: A hard money purchase loan, also known as a private money purchase loan, is a type of short-term asset-based lending that is often used by real estate investors to purchase property rapidly without the demanding mortgage requirements accompanied by traditional lenders. With traditional lenders, their main focus is that the borrower can pay back the loan, which can lead to a long, drawn out mortgage process that is accompanied by lots of paperwork and credit checks.


But since a hard money loan is secured by collateral, private lenders aren’t as concerned about your credit score and cash flow. Hard money lenders are private as they are not regulated by the Federal Reserve like banks, so it’s imperative to understand that they all have their own unique criteria of requirements.

An investor may opt for a hard money purchase loan as opposed to a traditional mortgage for various reasons, including:


  • They have a low credit score or another discrepancy on their credit report
  • Need funding in a matter of days in order to close on a purchase
  • They are viewed as “risky” for already owning many investment properties.

As long as you can make an adequate down payment, your chances of being approved for a hard money purchase loan are very high. When there’s many competitive offers on the same property, fast closing times will gain you the opportunity to purchase the property over other buyers. 


Hard Money Refinance Loan Approval: On the other hand, a hard money refinance loan is the refinancing of your existing mortgage loan for an amount that is higher than what you currently owe on your home. With the refinance loan, the difference between the balance on your mortgage and your home’s value is disbursed to you in the form of cash. 


The first step in the refinance process is calculating your loan to value (LTV). Depending on many factors, loan to value can go as high as 75%. For example, if you own a property worth $600,000 with current loans totaling $300,000 your LTV would be 50%. If your goal was to obtain more cash out of your property we would be able to do so assuming no unknown factors popped up during underwriting. For example, if you were in the middle of bankruptcy we could not assist. 


After your LTV has been calculated, we will then move onto an appraisal and collect a small number of documents. The underwriting time is fast. Most loans are completed in 7-10 days. If you are approved for a hard money loan in Orange County or another part of California, you will have made a promise to pay it back in full, plus interest. If you fail to do so, you could lose your personal assets or be taken to court. For this reason, take a preemptive step and ensure your personal guarantee on the loan.


We don’t believe getting hard money loans in Orange County, CA should be made difficult. If the transaction makes sense, we will make the loan.

Examples of Recent Hard Money Loans in Orange County

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a “cousin” to the traditional home mortgage where a loan is secured with a piece of real estate. Hard money loans allow buyers to purchase the real estate, but what separates the two is that the loan is backed by a group of private investors unlike that of your traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. Plus, the hard money loan process is FAR faster.


The hard money lender focuses on a real estate property’s value and its equity. These two characteristics allow for flexible funding. This is definitely not the thinking of your traditional institutions. In addition, the hard money lender will typically require a down payment of around 25-30%. Although this may be significant to many investors, this provides the investor the opportunity to secure a property by reducing the number of requirements that need to be met in order to receive approval for a loan.


The group that uses the hard money lending strategy the most is real estate investors. With the real estate investor, a higher interest rate for a short-term loan does not cancel out the overall profitable opportunities. This is why a hard money lending strategy can be a wise investment for all.

What are the Advantages of Orange County Hard Money Loans?

A partial list of many of the reasons investors choose hard money loans in Orange County.

  • Speed: Due to the lender primarily focused on collateral, this allows for swiftness when it comes to closing a deal. There is no need to verify the income of the borrower.
  • Flexibility: Hard money lenders have no need to follow traditional underwriting procedures. Each deal is individually evaluated. You have the ability to discuss terms with your borrower who may have the wherewithal to be able to make a determination about the terms they agreed to within minutes. This relationship allows for greater flexibility between borrower and lending institution.
  • Approval: If you choose to buy an investment property, it is the duty of the lender to ensure that the property is worth funding. The lender will use a third-party appraiser to determine whether property is worth the investment. If not, additional collateral may be required. Approval can still be had without most lenders showing concern over a low credit score.

What most money lenders are looking for is a deal that makes sense and a loan-to-value ratio (LTV) within their acceptable range.

Why Choose Orange County for a Hard Money Loan?

An Orange County hard money lender like California Hard Money Direct will be able to service you not only in Orange County including but not limited to cities such as Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Anaheim, Center Anna, San Clemente and more. With the utilization of a hard money loan, you will have the ability to gain funding quickly and easily. Just let us know the property address and we can quickly evaluate.

As of December 2019, Orange County real estate transactions were reportedly up 6.9%, with the median price of a single-family home rising year over year to $822,000 – making it an excellent area in California for real estate investments.

California Hard Money Direct is an all in one lender in the Orange County area. Offering competitive loans to those in need or to investors, both small and large regardless of corporate structure. We can typically approve a loan within 24 hours.

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