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California Hard Money Direct provides Riverside hard money loans with fast funding for commercial and non-owner occupied residential investments. 

We’re direct hard money lenders, providing privately funded loans. Our customers receive hard money loans without a middleman, so they can be pre-approved in minutes. For years, we’ve secured hard money loans for our customers with the highest integrity and honesty in the industry.

Riverside Hard Money Loans

California Hard Money Direct has helped provide an extensive range of Riverside hard money loan types including mixed use, bridge loans, construction loans, land loans, residential non-owner occupied loans, owner-occupied business purpose 1st and 2nd’s, distressed property loans, retail purchase loans, and commercial refinance loans.

Read what other borrowers have to say about working with our hard money lenders in Riverside:

Lawrence Cohen

Judy was awesome,  professional, organized and very involved… she walked us through the step by step on-line process. We opened and closed our loan in just under 16 days. I think we could have done it faster… if I wasn’t for my old school ways. Thanks Judy.

Lisa Sanchez

Thank you Judy for all of your help. Judy is an amazing broker, she is very helpful throughout the process. She is quick and is very organized. Judy knows her stuff…. and will not drag you along the process… Its either she can do it or not. … I will continue to come back, Thank you Judy.

Pam Durgin

Our refi was delayed due to tax returns and there was a strong potential we would lose a home we were helping our daughter purchase. We turned to CHMD and Judy was great! She walked us through the timelines, helped expedite certain paperwork hurdles and we finished in time to make our flight and help them move! We could not have done it without Judy or California Hard Money Direct! And she was fun to work with!

Riverside Hard Money for Residential & Commercial

Our hard money lenders in Riverside are in a position to swiftly meet either the residential or commercial needs of a quick closing. It is essential to find the right funding source for you that will be able to close a transaction quickly. Traditional institutions balk at approving loans for those with less than favorable credit. However, with California Hard Money Direct, securing a Riverside hard money loan will be made quick and easy.

Types of Properties Hard Money Lenders Can Help You Finance

Hard money loans in Riverside, CA can be used to finance various types of properties. Both private and commercial properties are financed by our team of experienced hard money specialists. California Hard Money Direct allows the financing of a diverse group of real estate properties. This allows investors to uncover profitable properties that were once hidden. We can help with funding of single-family homes, duplex, triplex or larger property.

Residential Hard Money Loans

California Hard Money Direct offers loans for various property types in Riverside. This list includes residential owner-occupied business purposed 2nd mortgages, and residential non-owner occupied purchase or refinance 1st or 2nd mortgages. Some of the property types our loans can help fund include:

Hard Money Loan Terms for Residential Properties

Actively looking to invest in any of these types of properties? We’re ready to help. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.5% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Work with us to obtain a residential hard money loan for up to $10,000,00 today, and for some loans with no prepayment penalty. 

Commercial Hard Money Loans

If you are considering investing in any of these types of commercial properties, we are happy to help. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.50% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Acquire a Riverside commercial hard money loan for up to $20,000,00, and for some qualified hard money borrowers with no prepayment penalty.

For commercial hard money loan types in Riverside, California Hard Money Direct offers commercial, mixed-use or retail purchase or refi. Some examples of commercial property types our loans have helped fund include:

Recent Hard Money Loans in Riverside County

How to Acquire Hard Money Loans in Riverside, CA

Our professional hard money team works rapidly to get you the funds you need to close – fast. Never miss out on an investment deal due to slow funding ever again. If you are looking to be approved for a Riverside hard money loan, there are two main types offered by private lenders: the purchase loan and the refinance loan.

Purchase Hard Money Loan: 

A hard money purchase loan, or often referred to as a private money purchase loan, is a variation of short-term asset-based lending that is typically used by investors when they need to purchase a property quickly without having to meet the demanding mortgage requirements accompanied by traditional lenders. Since the most important criteria for traditional lenders is that the borrower can pay back the loan, the mortgage application can be a drawn out process and accompanied by lots of paperwork and credit checks.

But in the case with hard money lenders, the loan is secured by collateral, which means the lender isn’t as concerned about your credit score and income. It’s important to note that hard money lenders are private as they are not regulated by the Federal Reserve like banks, which means they all have their own unique criteria of requirements.

So, why might an investor choose a hard money purchase loan over a traditional mortgage? There are a variety of reasons, including: 

  • They have a low credit score or another discrepancy on their credit report
  • Need funding in a matter of days in order to close on a purchase
  • They are viewed as “risky” for already owning many investment properties

If you can front an adequate down payment, your chances of being approved for a hard money purchase loan are very high. When there are other competitive offers on a property, fast closing times will win you the right to purchase the property over competing buyers. 

Hard Money Refinance Loan: 

There is also the cash-out-refinance loan offered by hard money lenders, which is the refinancing of your existing mortgage loan for an amount that is higher than what you currently owe on your home. If you are approved for a cash-out-refinance loan, the difference between the balance on your mortgage and your home’s value is disbursed to you in the form of cash. 

The first step in the application process is to calculate your loan to value (LTV). Depending on a variety of factors, loan to value can reach as high as 75%. For example, let’s say you own a property worth $800,000 with current loans totaling $400,000, then your LTV would be 50%. In this situation you will still have equity remaining to take out in the form of cash.

After your LTV has been calculated, we will then work on an appraisal and collect a small number of documents. With California Hard Money Direct, the underwriting time moves rapidly. Most loans can be completed in 7-10 days. If you are approved for a hard money loan in Riverside County or another part of California, you will have made a promise to pay it back in full, plus interest. If you cannot fulfill this agreement, you could lose your personal assets or be taken to court. For this reason, take a preemptive step and ensure your personal guarantee on the loan.

When you work with California Hard Money Direct, we will help you decide which hard money loan type works best for your scenario.

Riverside, CA Hard Money FAQs

Not at all. Although cash still reigns supreme, hard money isn’t far behind. Property listings that require cash-only offers require a copy of your bank statement to verify that you can close on your own. Seller requesting cash are seeking borrowers able to close without the assistance of any type of lender

Yes, as long as the loan ends up as an equity investment in the property or security. Hard money loans can be used to acquire properties that will be rehabbed and sold for a future profit. If you invest in a property for your home, you cannot claim the interest as a tax deduction.

Hard money loans are versatile and can be used to buy, renovate, or refinance properties you plan to rent out or continue to live in. Hard money loans are often used as a short-term fix for “fix and flippers” who need capital fast while they complete the purchase of a property and prepare it for the market.

Hard money loans can also be helpful when you need more money at closing than your traditional financing will allow. This can happen in many situations, such as when you need to pay for repairs or have an extremely short timeline to complete your purchase.

Banks are generally unwilling to lend on properties that need substantial renovations. A hard money loan is also a great choice if the seller is looking for a fast closing in a competitive market. Using them effectively to buy out brothers and sisters is also possible. A hard money loan is perfect for purchasing or refilling a property through an LLC, corporation, or trust.

For the most part they are safe.  But just like any loan, all factors must be considered when deciding whether to use a hard money loan. If you go into a loan to avoid conventional lenders, make sure you have a plan that addresses potential issues so you can adequately exit the loan if things do not work out as planned.


If you are purchasing a fix and flip property, make sure you plan to cover any unexpected costs. Be aware that this type of property is not a cash cow but instead is a potential cost overrun.


When considering hard money, lenders consider the added risks, including extra interest charges and lower loan-to-value ratios. If the historical performance of the hard money lender is good, most should be able to provide reasonably priced loans with well-defined parameters for acceptable risk. 

There are different requirements depending on the lender you select. The only requirements for purchase would be a substantial down payment of 20% or more and a sensible exit strategy. Refinances usually require a loan-to-value not to exceed 65%, an appraisal, and a plan for getting out of the loan.

Why Riverside for a
Hard Money Loan?

Riverside County has an active commercial and residential market with many participating buyers and sellers. It’s an area with industrial activity that stimulates the demand for rentals. Riverside’s high rental demand creates a market that favors investors with growing rent prices and an overall low vacancy rate.

Markets report that the median home value in Riverside is $421,150 which saw a 3.3% increase over the past year, showing promise for aspiring homeowners and investors in the area.

Our private money loans have no limit to the number of properties you can buy or refinance. Contact us today to get the fast and easy hard money lending process started. 

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