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Your Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles, CA

California Hard Money Direct is a hard money lender that can help you obtain the funds you need. If you’re in the business of finding investment properties you can flip for profit, you need a reliable partner for funding. Discover why California Hard Money Direct is the area’s leader in Los Angeles hard money loans.

When you need money fast to close a hot deal, our team is the solution. We are very competent in moving transactions through the process quickly. Whether you’re presently investing in commercial or residential real estate, our California hard money loan services help.

We strive to be your only source of reliable, fast real estate hard money loans in Los Angeles. We provide competitive pricing and are always willing to lend on deals that make financial sense.

Why Use California Hard Money Direct for Your Los Angeles Hard Money loan?

If you’re in the market for hard money loans in sunny Los Angeles, California, it’s worth speaking to industry leaders California Hard Money Direct. Los Angeles property owners may get fixed rates of 8.99% and up, fast. It doesn’t matter if you have a low credit score, have a bankruptcy in the past, or if you’re a foreign national; we’ll work with you to get a hard money loan.

California Hard Money Direct has a proven record of working with Los Angeles investors to get the funds they need. If you’re in the Los Angeles market for a commercial hard money loan or residential property loan and require our assistance, speak with a representative today to discuss any of your real estate investing needs.

Lending Specifications
Almost anywhere in California
Typically 7 to 9 days
$50,000 to $20,000,000
3 to 24 months
8.5% to 10.5%
1 to 4 points based on many factors. Call for a quote.
Interest-only payments
1st & 2nd

What Do Other Borrowers Say About Our Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles?

Laurence Stewart

There are times when a “hard money loan” makes sense. When it does, the last thing you want to do is chase your tail with an unscrupulous vendor that will charge too much and may not be able to close the loan. I needed to pull equity out of a condo for a couple of rehab projects I have going and I’m very happy with my results from California Hard Money Direct. I would absolutely use them again.

Thomas Zacharia

Thank you Judy for acquiring funding for our Purchase of a luxury condo. Judy was able to get me a $1.785 million loan, 65% LTV, with very little docs as it was an SFR investment property. This was a celebrity client with many demands. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone needing a loan fast and with the utmost professionalism.

Liz Carnes

After spending 8 months in an effort to get reasonably priced financing I lucked upon Judy at California Hard Money Direct. Judy connected me with the right people at the perfect time, all at what I would consider “bargain” hard money pricing for both the origination fees and the loan interest rate. Judy is responsive, straight and direct in her approach, easy to reach, and overall a pleasure to deal with. Judy, thanks for making it happen!

Can I Use Los Angeles Hard Money Loan for
Both Residential and Commercial Property Loans?

California Hard Money Direct is proud to work with businesses and individuals for either residential or commercial property investments. Our asset-based lending process considers the underlying value of the real estate. Leverage our fast turnaround times and expertise to finance your next profitable investment.

If the property qualifies, you will be able to get funds rapidly to complete your deal. Please take a look at a small sampling of some of the residential homes and commercial projects that we will approve for financing.

Residential Hard Money Loans Uses

At California Hard Money Direct, we offer a myriad of residential hard money loans in Los Angeles including residential owner-occupied business purpose 2nd, and residential non-owner occupied purchase or refi 1st or 2nd. A partial list of property types our loans can help fund include:

Hard Money Loan Terms for Residential Properties

If you are presently looking to invest in any of these types of properties, we can work with you. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.5% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Get a Los Angeles residential hard money loan for up to $10,000,00, and for some loans with no prepayment penalty. 

What are Commercial Hard Money Loans Commonly Used For?

If you are presently looking to invest in any of these types of properties, we can work with you. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.50% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Get a Los Angeles commercial hard money loan for up to $20,000,00, and for qualified hard money loans with no prepayment penalty.  For commercial hard money loan types, we offer commercial, mixed use or retail purchase or refinance loansCommercial property types our loans can help fund include:

How Do I Get Approved for a
Los Angeles Hard Money Loan?

Our experienced team works quickly to get you the funds you need to close soon. Never miss out on an investment because you didn’t receive a hard money loan fast enough. If you are looking to obtain a Los Angeles hard money loan here are two main types offered by private lenders: the purchase loan and the refinance loan.


Purchase Hard Money Loan: A hard money purchase loan, or private money purchase loan, is a form of short-term asset-based lending that is typically used for real estate investors to purchase a property quickly without the strict mortgage requirements accompanied by traditional lenders. Since traditional lenders’ main focus is that borrowers can pay back the loan, the mortgage process is usually slow and accompanied by lots of paperwork and credit reviews. 


But with hard money lenders, the loan is secured by collateral, meaning the lender isn’t as concerned about your credit score and cash flow. Hard money lenders are private as they are not regulated by the Federal Reserve like banks, and therefore all have their own unique criteria of requirements.


An investor may turn to a hard money purchase loan as an alternative to a traditional mortgage for many different reasons, including:


  • They have a low credit score or another discrepancy on their credit report
  • Need funding in a matter of days in order to close on a purchase
  • They are viewed as “risky” for already owning many investment properties

As long as you have an adequate down payment, your likelihood of being approved for a hard money purchase loan is very high. When there’s competitive bidding on the same property, fast closing times will win you the right to purchase the property over other buyers. 


Hard Money Refinance Loan: A hard money refinance loan, on the other hand, is the refinancing of your existing mortgage loan for an amount that is higher than what you currently owe on your home. Then, the difference between the balance on your mortgage and your home’s value is then disbursed to you in the form of cash. 


The refinance process starts with first calculating your loan to value (LTV). Depending on many factors, loan to value can go as high as 75%. For example, if you own a property worth $500,000 with current loans totaling $250,000 your LTV would be 50%. If your goal was to get more cash out of your property we would be able to do so assuming no unknown factors popped up during underwriting. For example, if you were in the midst of bankruptcy we could not assist. 


After LTV has been established, we then order an appraisal and gather a small number of documents. The underwriting time is short. Most loans can be completed in 7-10 days. If you are approved for a hard money loan in Los Angeles or another part of California, you will have made a promise to pay it back in full, plus interest. If you fail to do so, you could lose your personal assets or be taken to court. For this reason, take a preemptive step and ensure your personal guarantee on the loan.


When you work with California Hard Money Direct, we will help you determine which hard money loan will work best for you.

Examples of Recent Hard Money Loans in Los Angeles County

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan can be described as a “cousin” to the traditional home mortgage where a loan is placed against a piece of real estate. While hard money loans also allow buyers to purchase the real estate, what separates hard money loans and mortgages is that the loan is backed by a group of private investors unlike that of your traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. Plus, hard money loans are FAR faster.


The most important focus for the hard money lender is the real estate property’s value and its equity. These two attributes allow for flexible funding. This is certainly not the logic of your traditional institutions. In addition, the hard money lender will typically require a down payment of around 25-30%. Although this may seem significant to many investors, this avenue allows an investor to secure a property by reducing the number of requirements that need to be satisfied in order to attain loan approval.


Those that utilize hard money lending the most are real estate investors. The real estate investor must have flexible financing with a quick closing in order to not miss out on a profitable opportunity. For the real estate investor, a higher interest rate for a short-term loan does not outweigh the overall profitable opportunities. Therefore, a hard money lending strategy can be a wise investment for all.

What Are the Advantages of Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans are FAST. Investors can get their money without all the red tape and hassle of a traditional lending product. Since our california hard money lenders gear their services towards investors, they streamline the process to make it easy for their customers to operate.


There are three significant benefits for investors who get hard money loans, and they’re listed here. Discover why we’re consistently at the top of hard money lenders in Los Angeles, CA.


  • Improved closing time: It’s much faster to apply for and qualify for a hard money loan than a traditional loan product. You may get your money in as quick as seven days with the right circumstances.
  • Credit scores are not decisive factors: Hard money loans are asset-based, instead of being tied strictly to a credit score or debt levels. The loan amount we give depends on the underlying value of the real estate.
  • Hard money is right for non-stabilized property and rehab financing: Most traditional finance companies won’t touch any property with a high vacancy rate. California Hard Money Direct will structure a deal that allows our customers to invest in a property to rehab it and stabilize the rentals.

It’s easy to see why hard money lending is so popular with real estate investors. It solves the problems of dealing with banks and makes investing more profitable and enjoyable. California Hard Money Direct is proud to work with Los Angeles area investors to help finance their investments. We service cities throughout California, including Sacramento, Oakland, San FranciscoRiversideSan BernardinoOrange CountyAlamedaContra Costa, and San Diego

Why Choose Los Angeles for Your Hard Money Loan?

Los Angeles remains one of the nation’s best places for real estate investment. With the sunny weather and large population, it’s possible to earn excellent returns on commercial or residential properties. Getting hard money loans in Los Angeles, CA is made hassle-free when you work with California Hard Money Direct.


Los Angeles is a massive market with a full range of properties. That means there are many unique opportunities for eagle-eyed investors who know how to spot value. In fact, Los Angeles has recently been named the “hottest housing market in California”, with a reported median price of a single-family home in the metro area costing $550,000 – a 7.4% increase from the year prior.

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Make More Deals With Fast Hard Money Loans

Let us be your Los Angeles hard money lender. We will work hard to make your next hard money loan in Los Angeles a positive experience. Nobody compares to California Hard Money Direct in the world of Los Angeles hard money.

Deal with a direct lender and save money. Get things done faster without an intermediary to stand in the way. We offer SFR rates starting at 8.99% to 9.50% APR. Discover what it feels like to get pre-approval in a matter of minutes instead of days. Don’t lose out to a competitor who uses hard money to finance their deals. With ultra-fast closing times, you’ll gain a competitive edge and earn higher profits.

Los Angeles Hard Money Loan FAQs

Do LA hard money lenders require a down payment? 

Hard Money lenders always require between 20% to 35% depending on many factors.  Downpayment is critical to the lender because it shows the lender you are willing to invest your own money in the property.

How are hard money loans in Los Angeles structured? 

They can be structured as a purchase or refinance.  It can also be a 1st or 2nd mortgage. Once the scenario is discussed with the loan officer the best options will be presented to the borrower.

Do hard money loans require an appraisal in Los Angeles?

In most cases an appraisal is needed but not always.  Some residential properties are in cookie cutter neighborhoods where it is easy to comp the properties.  If the borrower provided photos, the loan might be granted without an appraisal.  Commercial loans most often will need an appraisal because their are so many variables when it comes to determining value.

Are Los Angeles hard money lenders regulated?  

The National Mortgage Licencing System (NLMS) and the Bureau of Real Estate are the two main governing bodies watching over Hard Money Lenders. Many rules and regulations must be followed in the State of California.

Can I get a hard money loan in Los Angeles with low credit?

You can get a hard money loan with very low credit scores. Hard money lenders are Equity driven.  If you have enough equity the lender will most likely grant you a loan.

Los Angeles Hard Money Lender

Fast Funding Hard Money Loans

California Hard Money Direct is a Los Angeles hard money lender. We provide hard money loans in Los Angeles from $50,000 to $20 million, up to 75% LTV for purchase or refi.