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Your Hard Money Lenders in San Diego, CA

California Hard Money Direct is a trusted hard money lender serving San Diego and surrounding counties. If you are in need of fast funding, our California hard money loan types are just what you need. 


In recent years, much attention has been directed toward alternative financing. Such financing has taken the power away from the banks and credit unions. Prior to the popularity of hard money loans, they once had a virtual monopoly on the industry. Nowadays, banks are just one avenue that you can travel as you attempt to get the funding you need. 


Banks do not always provide the best vehicles for all types of borrowers in need of money. And that’s where San Diego private hard money lenders like California Hard Money Direct can help.

Hard Money Loans: Why Choose California Hard Money Direct?

There are many hard money lenders in San Diego. California Hard Money Direct is the one team of specialists whose sole focus is to make not only investors close on their properties quickly but also in providing short-term solutions to owner occupancy challenges. California Hard Money Direct serving San Diego has the ability to exercise our expertise in providing any option available to make a real estate transaction possible. 

What makes doing business with us exceptional is that we do not have to follow the traditional modes of loan evaluation. Instead, we determine if the deal makes sense and the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. This puts the focus on the deal instead of on the borrower’s personal credit.

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What Borrowers Say About Working With Us:

Terry H.

California Hard Money Direct is a wonderful home loan company.  I have worked with them on 4 different loans over the past 6 years. They do exactly what they say they will do – when they say they will do it. My expectations have been exceeded on each and every transaction. If you’re looking for a home loan — regardless of your credit rating — call and ask for Judy Robbins.  She will tell you if you can get a loan or not in plain talk. If she says she can get you a loan, you will get a loan, period. Straight talk, excellent communication, top notch service. Judy knows her stuff; she and her team deliver.

Nancy Sera

Judy is an absolute life saver. She was quick and efficient in getting a loan to bail me out of an impending tax sale on an investment property. The banks would not give me a loan due to bad credit and if it was not for Judy’s quick and efficient manner in getting the loan, I would have lost the property. Thank you Judy, I am forever grateful.

Robert Rustigian

I found Judy to be a pleasure to work with and a professional. Judy is accessible and she promptly returned my calls, texts, and email. She understands this niche business of hard money lending. I closed a loan with her at competitive terms and fees. I would do business with her again and recommend Judy to my friends. Thank you Judy.

How to Get Hard Money Loans for San Diego
Residential & Commercial Properties

California Hard Money Direct specializes in hard money loans in San Diego, CA. As one of the most flexible hard money lenders in San Diego County, residential and commercial investors can create deals with simple terms that are outside of the traditional financing criteria. 

With the flexibility of how California Hard Money Direct does business, there are many properties in the San Diego County area that need creative financing and quicker closes to get the deals done. Traditional financing institutions refuse funding a lot of deals simply because they do not have the parameters set forth to allow some adjustments in their loan approval process.

California Hard Money Direct is one of the most successful top hard money lenders in San Diego. We specialize in financing to help you close deals for both residential properties and commercial properties.

Residential Hard Money Loans

California Hard Money Direct offers a variety of residential hard money loan options in San Diego, including residential owner-occupied business purposed 2nd, and residential non-owner occupied purchase or refi 1st or 2nd. A short list of residential property types our loans can help fund include:

Hard Money Loan Terms for Residential Properties

If you are considering investing in any of these types of residential properties, we can help you. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% / 9.5% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Work with us and get approved for a San Diego residential hard money loan for up to $10,000,00, and for some loans with no prepayment penalty. 

Commercial Hard Money Loans

Thinking about investing in a commercial property? Let us help you. Our SFR Rates are as low as 8.99% /9.50% APR dependent on terms and conditions. Obtain a San Diego commercial hard money loan today for up to $20,000,00, and for qualified hard money loans with no prepayment penalty.

For commercial hard money loan types in San Diego, California Hard Money Direct provides commercial, mixed-use or retail purchase or hard money for refinance loans. Commercial property types our loans can help fund include:

How Do I Get Approved for a
San Diego Hard Money Loan?

Our experienced team works quickly to get you the funds you need to close soon. Never miss out on an investment because you didn’t receive a hard money loan fast enough. If you are looking to obtain a San Diego hard money loan here are two main types offered by California private money lenders: the purchase loan and the refinance loan.

Hard Money Purchase Loan: A hard money purchase loan, or sometimes referred to as a private money purchase loan, is a type of short-term asset-based lending that is commonly used by real estate investors to purchase a property quickly without having to meet the strict mortgage requirements accompanied by traditional lenders. Since the most important criteria for traditional lenders is that the borrower can pay back the loan, the mortgage process is usually slow and accompanied by lots of paperwork and credit checks.

But with hard money lenders, the loan is secured by collateral, meaning the lender isn’t as concerned about your credit score and income. It’s important to understand that hard money lenders are private as they are not regulated by the Federal Reserve like banks, and therefore all have their own unique criteria of requirements.

There are many different reasons why an investor may apply for a hard money purchase loan rather than a traditional mortgage, including:

  • They have a low credit score or another discrepancy on their credit report
  • Need funding in a matter of days in order to close on a purchase
  • They are viewed as “risky” for already owning many investment properties

As long as you have an adequate down payment, your likelihood of being approved for a hard money purchase loan is very high. When there’s a bidding war on a property, fast closing times will win you the right to purchase the property over other buyers. 

Hard Money Refinance Loan: If you’re looking to make a real estate purchase, there is also the cash-out-refinance loan offered by hard money lenders, which is the refinancing of your existing mortgage loan for an amount that is higher than what you currently owe on your home. With a refinance hard money loan, the difference between the balance on your mortgage and your home’s value is disbursed to you in the form of cash. 

The refinance process starts with first calculating your loan to value (LTV). Depending on many factors, loan to value can go as high as 75%. For example, if you own a property worth $700,000 with current loans totaling $350,000 your LTV would be 50%. If your goal was to get more cash out of your property we would be able to do so assuming no unknown factors popped up during underwriting. For example, if you were in the midst of bankruptcy we could not assist. 

After your LTV has been established, we then order an appraisal and gather a few documents. The underwriting time is short. Most loans can be completed in 7-10 days. If you are approved for a hard money loan in San Diego or another part of California, you will have made a promise to pay it back in full, plus interest. If you cannot pay it back, you could lose your personal assets or be taken to court. For this reason, take a preemptive step and ensure your personal guarantee on the loan.

Ready to get started but not sure which hard money loan type is right for you? When you work with California Hard Money Direct, we will help you every step of the way.

What are the Advantages of Hard Money Loans?

When looking to secure funding for either a purchase loan or refinance loan opportunity, there are many San Diego hard money loan opportunities which include:

  • Closing time: When securing a hard money loan, you can anticipate closing within seven days with a 24-hour approval notification. Hard money lending has the ability to process loans faster than your traditional institutions. The reason for this is that there are different criteria utilized to fund the loan.
  • A FICO score is less important: The borrower’s credit score is not as important as the loan-to-value of the property in question. An LTV within acceptable range is where the priority lies when it comes to hard money lenders in the San Diego surrounding area.
  • Fixer-upper financing: Types of properties that require a tremendous amount of financing are those whose occupancy rates are low and often find it difficult to secure conventional approval from banks and credit unions. Hard money lenders in San Diego like California Hard Money Direct have a unique business model that allows us to provide loans regardless of low or no occupancy.

San Diego Hard Money Lender FAQs

Hard money loans are loans secured by hard assets. These types of loans are typically used for commercial or residential real estate investments and are often secured by tangible assets such as a piece of property, rather than with a personal guarantee.

However, in instances where a property listing requirement is cash offers only, they will require a copy of your bank statement to verify you can close utilizing your funds.

Hard money loans can be a good option for acquiring an investment property when traditional lenders are unwilling or unable to make loans and financial institutions are not lending money.

You may find yourself in this situation if your property is suffering from an overall weak market and a steady flow of foreclosures keeps lenders from providing loans. Or, if your business is tiny, you may not meet the strict guidelines banks use to determine loan eligibility.

The advantage of a hard money loan is that the lender doesn’t care about your credit score, or whether you are upside down with a mortgage. A hard money lender is interested in providing you with a quick solution to your credit problems. The good thing about working with a hard money lender is that they can close your commercial or residential real estate deal fast, with little or no credit worries.

Do hard money lenders require a down payment? Yes, in most cases, your down payment will need to be at least 20% to 40% of the purchase price. It will be dependent on the type of property and the location.
Yes, they are. Two governing bodies regulate hard money lenders in California: The National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE).

Yes, you may be able to qualify for a hard money loan regardless of your credit score. Hard money lenders are equity-driven. The lender will most likely grant you a loan if you have enough equity. If you have little or no equity in your property, the lender may be reluctant to take on the risk.
Your credit score will not play a role in whether or not you can receive a hard money mortgage loan.

Virtually never. This loan is for highly leveraged properties and is not a long-term solution to your credit problems but temporary financing for your real estate purchase or refinance. In most cases, the lenders don’t report to credit bureaus.

Hard money loans can also help you get out of reverse mortgages on inherited properties that are not owner-occupied. Hard money loans can also help people exit Trust Loans when there might be a need for a sibling buyout or other family members who want to cash out their share of a property. The proceeds can be used to buy that family member out and pay off the loan simultaneously.


Another common use for hard money loans is to buy properties with high vacancy rates, perhaps because of an oversupply in a property type, slow market conditions, or poor management by previous owners. By buying such an otherwise troubled property at a low price and improving it quickly, then flipping it for a larger profit, you can turn a bad investment into a good one and pay off the loan in the process.


An ideal example is when purchasing a property located in an area with few other buyers, making it difficult for any of the traditional lending institutions to approve the loan. A hard money loan to purchase such a distressed property provides the funds needed to bring it up to code or fix issues that have kept it from being rented. It maximizes your profit potential by reselling the property at a higher price than you would have received in a standard commercial mortgage transaction.

When you have a hard money loan, you can refinance in as little as 6-months. Since this type of loan does not require many of the regulations and stipulations that a bank would, you can negotiate and refinance as soon as possible. In some cases no prepayment exists all other cases you might be offered a high interest rate for a 3 month prepayment penalty.
Most of the time, hard money loans are designed to be short-term loans. This means the loan will have a final payoff date of anywhere from one year up to five years. The loan-to-value (LTV) will usually be higher than a traditional bank will allow.

Why Choose San Diego for a Hard Money Loan?

San Diego is a hotbed of health, wealth and opportunity. With beautiful year-round weather, San Diego is known as a tremendous city to live in. If you enjoy a little nightlife, a light walk on the beach, sports and outdoor activity, San Diego would be an outstanding place to reside and also to invest in. 

Here, employment is strong and the surrounding areas are reporting steady job growth with an improving economy.San Diego reportedly boasts near 50,000 job opportunities in the life sciences industry. Since the economy is gaining strength, there is an influx of newcomers looking for permanent residency. With such demand increasing annually, there is a need for more investors to satisfy the opportunities that await them in this market. 

Because there is such great demand for housing improvements in the area, California Hard Money Direct’s lending model is needed in the San Diego County area.

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A partial list of California counties we often serve include Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Diego

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